Community Impact

Your purchase of Little Inka products doesn’t only support the Peruvian artisan and help keep alive the tradition of Andean weaving techniques.  It also helps youth and families of Cuzco achieve self-sufficiency.

The mission of Little Inka came with a dream…a dream to help abandoned youth from Cuzco not just survive, but to thrive.  We have connected with a few non-profit organizations from the Sacred Valley of Cuzco and have started our work on solidifying our partnerships.  Through these partnerships, we look to support their mission, which involves assisting youth and families and their communities have access to the resources that will help them reach their goals.  

Living Heart of Peru (LHP) is an organization doing just that.  Their mission "has always been to help people to help themselves, always respecting their own traditions and culture as well as listening to their particular needs and self defined vision of a brighter future and new opportunities."  They were founded in 2007 and are based out of the Pisac region of Cusco.  Just like many other non-profits, the current pandemic has impacted their ability to keep up with many of their important projects around education, nutrition, and dental and general health.  Part of your purchase will help Little Inka help provide funds that support the mission of LHP.